Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let me tell you my story...
Hi, my name is Nikki as most of you know, and I want to tell you my story of how a real online business has changed my families life.
First of all....I don't want you to think that we are a family any different from any one else.  I'm a divorced mom of two kids, and I am just recently remarried.  We have a house payment, a car payment, car insurance, and all the other stuff that every one else has to pay every month.  I think the big difference between me and most people is I knew we had a need and I set out on a mission to fulfill that need for my family and I found a job that I love and that I am truly passionate about.  
When my almost 6 yr old son was born I was working a sales job that was taking me away from my family for about 60-70 hours a week, I was spending no time with my kids or my husband.  We ended up getting divorced and I quit that job.....I needed to be with my kids and they needed me.  I quickly got into a very bad relationship, and after experiencing a nervous breakdown and losing 30% of my memory, which still effects me today, it took some time to rebuild myself.  All while working full time with lots of overtime to support my kids and I.  I was missing their activities, school parties, and couldn't even take them to their friends birthday parties, or anywhere fun to do anything because all of my time spent working and I was completely drained.
Any of this sound familiar????
   Then you need to make the decision like I did and do something about it
I met a wonderful man and we became serious and he treats my kids and I absolutely wonderful.  The problem was that he lived 2.5 hours away and also had his own set of bills that he was working to pay every month. So still left working, working, working, working.  
I was TIRED and I HAD ENOUGH.  I was working to make every one else rich, while my bills were barely getting paid.  So I was looking around on facebook one night and I came across this ad, Stay at home with your kids, make a living in your jammies.  
I thought "I bet I could make something like this work.  I'd love to spend more time with my kids"
So I made the decision that I was getting in and I was gonna make this work.  You know what?...I DID!!!  I love my job.  I was able to quit what I was doing full time, and I feel more free, happy, and closer to my kids than I ever have in my adult life. 
It's because ZNZ is real!!!!  It is a job, and it pays me to be on my computer talking to people.  
America is always judgmental about making money online, but how many people have actually tried it.  How many people have actually made the mental decision that they are going to make it work and put the effort in to do so?  ZNZ is so easy, it doesn't even take that much effort, you just have to make the decision that you are going to make it work for you.
 Watch here:
I encourage anyone who is feeling the same frustrations that I felt to research ZNZ.  Use Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. there is a lot of information out there about my parent company.
Our team is very unique in the fact that we show you how to do this, we provide you more training than I have ever been able to find with any online company.....and we provide it for FREE. There are companies that charge thousands of dollars for the training that we provide to you for FREE, we want to see the success that ZNZ has in store just waiting for them.  ZNZ will cost you about $5 to get started....that is less than the gas money that it would take you to get to a job interview that you don't even know if you are going to get the job or not. The full exclusive training and 24 hour support that is provided to you is completely FREE! Let me tell you folk, you will not find anything more gratifying than to be your own boss, making money at home in your jammies....Seriously....I do it everyday.
Make the decision to better you and your family.  This is all real, and it is making a lot of people happy, and a lot of money.  I look forward to seeing you on the inside: I'm Gettin In

Internet Marketing Entrprenuer

Teaching others how to make money from home in their jammies!

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